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Ed Lake: The Great Satan - Luigi Warren

February 2, 2004 - In a very enlightening demonstration of how the Internet has changed the way we get our news - and how we need to thoroughly examine and evaluate what news we get - a battle of opinions that apparently began in the relative privacy of the discussion forum now appears at or near the top of the list when you look up "anthrax" on
Over the past many months, I've had various people tell me about this debate and how someone on the forum who called himself "The Great Satan" was suspected of being the anthrax culprit. Evidently, in some message posted at some time in the past, "The Great Satan" wrote something that people interpreted as being a "confession". Since then, some True Believers seem to be able to talk about nothing else. Some have even been thrown off other forums because they wouldn't shut up about it and they are boring people to tears.
Although today is Groundhog Day and not April Fool's Day, which would be much more appropriate, the lead story when you look up "anthrax" on is an "article" supposedly written by "Bob Woodward" headlined "Graduate Student Fired for Harrassment in Anthrax Case". And just below it is another "article" by "Sir Nayland-Smith" titled "Luigi Warren solves anthrax case". But things really get interesting when you go to the link to the site called "The Hatfill Project" where names are named and Luigi Warren (a.k.a. "The Great Satan"?) rips into Ross Getman, Stuart Jacobsen and others over differing opinions about the case. I'd have felt left out if I wasn't also mentioned. I am. The site says this about me:
Most innocuously, Hatfill cultivated Ed Lake, a hard-working but rather dopey web "expert" on the anthrax case who offered up a theory that the anthrax letters were written by a child because they were in block capitals. Clawson also cultivated Lake, driving hundreds of miles to meet him for dinner.
The site even includes .mp3 voice mails said to be from Getman and Jacobsen. And it's filled with odd-ball "facts" which may or may not really be facts.
While most of the world seems to believe there isn't anything happening in the anthrax case, it really all depends upon your point of view. The pace of the drama may be slow, but the comedy aspects often make it truly fascinating. There's a common abbreviation they use on the Internet that says it all: ROTFLOLAPMP

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